I am looking for a Dashew designed sail yacht.

I have been trying to make a comparison of all their designs but my search has been based on the web which varies somewhat as often sales brochure details are vague or inaccurate.

I would like to compare LWL / Beam x 0.9 figures based on the designed displacements. I have multiplied the beam by 0.9 to achieve an estimate for waterline beam but if they have the designed displacement waterline beam that would result in more accurate figures.

Also, they have mentioned that the underwater hull lines changed form the Deerfoot to Sundeer range and was wondering how the Sundeer yachts differ in this respect?

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Chris Lambert
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SetSail responded on 09/07/2017

Hi Chris,
I passed along your note to my dad, who is too busy with his boat and projects right now to do digging..But he suggested you download their Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia (free pdf download on setsail: When you open the Table of Contents, starting on page 461, there is a section called Design Concepts. This goes into the Deerfoot and Sundeer and Sundeer production designs in a pretty detailed fashion. Hope that helps! Cheers, Sarah Dashew

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